ISV & Consulting Partners

Recarta partner with Independent Software Vendors & IT consultancies to provide end to end, fully supported IT solutions.

Recarta are passionate about working with ISV’s and has created partnerships covering a wide range of industries and sectors. The ISV’s we currently partner with appreciate working in close partnership with Recarta’s infrastructure and hosting team, dramatically increasing their success in selling applications.

We work either directly with the client or through you the ISV – ensuring that you remain in control. We are particularly successful where the application resides on complicated hardware such as IBM i or p – where the skills may not be present in the client to manage after the initial installation.

Platform as a Service

Recarta currently hosts an array of IBM Power, Linux and Intel Clients from two Tier 3 datacentres in London and we can provision a dedicated server or partition as required to host and manage your software application. We will then monitor and manage this for the client as required through an SLA.

Application Appliance

We can wrap the software and hardware into an “appliance” to run your application – where the client can chose to run this “on-premise” or “off-premise”. Using the IBM ISI/ISR program – we can supply the server, load the software and then export this to your client worldwide – managing this remotely if required.

Recarta has been working with many ISV’s using IBM programs to gain co-marketing expertise, technical advice and funding – all in all a great catalyst to your pipeline. Working with a partner such as Recarta gives your clients the assurance that we can complete the project together on time and on budget.

Our Partners
Why Recarta?

Many ISV’s have chosen to work with Recarta over the past 16 years. Delivering projects alongside the ISV –“one throat to choke approach” gives the ISV and the Client to confidence in the solution and implementation of any project. The ability to support the platform after implementation provides confidence that the customer continues to get value over the life time of the solution.

Recarta already work with many ISVs providing these services. We are happy to work with an ISV and provide the partnership as a collaboration or part of ourwider Eco system offering. We look forward to having discussions on how we can best work together for mutual benefit in the challenging business environment that we all now face.

A dedicated Partner team
Our dedicated partner account management tean can support you with all your clients infrastructure needs.
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