IBM Power Virtual Server Cloud

AIX, Linux and IBMi applications are no longer restricted to on–premise. We help clients build out a hybrid cloud environment with the ability to host their AIX, Linux and IBMi apps in Power VS.

Run enterprise Power workloads in the Cloud

Test AIX & IBMi in the Public Cloud

A separate but secure sandbox environment for Power Systems users to test their own AIX or IBMi workloads, try out new OS versions operating systems or the latest hardware available.


Run enterprise Power workloads in the Cloud

AIX and IBM i applications are no longer restricted to onpremise. Help clients build out a hybrid cloud environment with the ability to host their AIX and IBM iapps in Power VS.


Disaster Recovery

AIX and IBM i clients can avoid the expense of building out their own datacenter for DR. Now, with Power VS, they add geodiversity, cloud flexibility and the value of IBM best in class management.

Features & Benefits

Enterprise Infrastructure

Architected aligned with onprem certified stack (Hypervisor, OS, Storage) to maintain certifications and compatibility


Cloud integrated UP and AP

that easily integrates to existing tooling



Terraform supported

to easily define solutions and manage the lifecycle of those cloud resources in an automated fashion



Fiber-attached Enterprise Storage

expected by enterprise clients in the cloud for mission critical workload



"Scale-out and Scale up Power 9 Servers for total VM flexibility down to ¼ core and up to 148 cores on E980"
The IBM Power Cloud Experts

Recarta has extensive experience of the IBM Power marketplace with many of our sales and technical teams having embraced the products since their release in 1988. Although these systems have changed dramatically over the past 30 years, the importance of many of these systems is still paramount in running many key business critical applications.

Recarta is one of IBM’s largest Power Business Partners, currently responsible for the supply of hardware, software and services to over 120 IBM Power clients across the UK. As one of a small number of “IBM Power Specialty Partners” we have proven skills and capabilities across the IBM server and storage portfolio.

Our goal is to ensure that you can focus on driving your business forwards, whilst leaving the running of these specialised systems to our team of experts. Management of these systems embraces many aspects outside the infrastructure and utilises our knowledge of the AIX and IBM i Operating systems alongside IBM middleware such as DB2, Infosphere, Tivoli, Websphere and Rational portfolios.

Recarta was established from a comprehensive understanding of the underlying platform. Over the past five years our services team has grown exponentially as our clients have passed the responsibility of upgrades, migrations and day to day management to our team of experts.

Our strategy has always been to develop close relationships with IBM’s key Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) which in turn brings great value to our clients, providing the correct solution around your chosen application. Recarta works with over 60 clients running Infor ERP applications on IBM i such as System 21, XA (Mapics), LX (BPCS), M3 (Movex and Lawson). We also have over 30 Financial clients using applications such as Temenos, Reuters, Misys, Olympic and E2Gen on a mixture of IBM i and IBM Power p.

The IBM Specialists
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