They make Edge computing as easy as 1, 2, 3

Sunlight’s NexVisor HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) and Infrastructure Manager (SIM) makes running and managing applications and infrastructure at the edge as easy as in the cloud. Sunlight works with efficient, ruggedized edge hardware — so you can consolidate all of your in-location edge applications with full isolation, security and high availability.

For many enterprises, their most important data starts ‘at the edge’ – across 1000s of oil platforms, retail stores and manufacturing robots. The Sunlight Edge is a reliable, secure, zero-touch and economic infrastructure that helps turn your critical edge data into real-time insight and action across your retail stores, manufacturing lines and smart cities.

Recarta & Sunlight

We make Edge computing as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Order

Choose your favourite edge hardware devices installed and configured with Sunlight from Recarta

2. Ship

Edge devices are shipped directly to your 100s or 1000s of edge locations anywhere in the world

3. Go

Plug into the network and power on. The edge devices connect to your Sunlight dashboard and apps are pushed down


Julian Chesterfield, Sunlight’s founder and CEO, was one of the team that built the first Open Source hypervisor, Xen (now owned by Citrix), as a spin-out from Cambridge University back in 2003. Xen still powers the majority of the public cloud, including Amazon Web Services.

Sunlight was born out of a collaboration with ARM in 2013 to build a lightweight hypervisor that could virtualize low-power processors. Traditional virtualization was too ‘heavy’, so we re-architected the hypervisor to remove this “virtualisation tax” (the performance lost by virtualizing the hardware) – enabling applications to run as if they were running on ‘bare metal’.

We realised the potential of this for today’s digital enterprises that rely upon databases, analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to drive their core business processes and decision making. As the volume of data these applications consume grows exponentially, and data processing moves to the edge, traditional virtualisation technologies simply aren’t architected to keep up. This makes virtualizing these applications prohibitively expensive as way more infrastructure than necessary has to be deployed.


We are increasingly being named in Gartner reports – we were one of four vendors named a Cool Vendor in Edge Computing. We have also been featured in 6 x hype cycles (so far).

ESG conducted a technical review of the Sunlight NexVisor HCI. You can access the full report here.

Over the past year, we have won Edge Innovation of the Year at DCS Awards 2022Best Cloud or Networking Automation Tool at Computing’s AI & Machine Learning Awards 2022Hyper-Convergence Innovation of the Year at the SDC Awards 2021Hottest Deeptech at The Europas 2021

Case Studies

You can find a selection of case studies here. We will be adding more case studies with our application developers, fast-food restaurant, retail and manufacturing clients over the coming months.

Recent News

We launched the first hyperconverged stack supporting the NVIDIA Jetson-based Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 to make Edge AI deployable at scale

We launched our partnership with Avassa to provide secure and efficient edge orchestration made for application teams

We announced our partnership with Ori to deliver the cloud operating model to edge infrastructure, globally

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