Revolutionise your Microsoft licensing management

With the innovative tool you can't afford to be without

Visibility across your desktop estate

  • Process and support for JML (joiners, movers and leavers)
  • Current license agreements with license cost and additional products
  • 3 year view of the licenses you’ve bought, allocated and used
  • Ongoing usage analysis
  • Premium license allocations and usage
  • Spend forecasts and cost savings
  • Detailed Microsoft 365 apps and user activity information
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Why Quantum for 365?

Take advantage of the benefits Quantum 365 has to offer...
  • View user activity and behaviour
  • Eliminate wasted licenses, cut costs and optimise investments
  • Improve¬†ROI by identifying licenses with little or no usage
  • Clarity when right-sizing current and future renewals
  • Boost governance and compliance with security policies
  • Helps you negotiate license renewals with confidence

Key Features

Secure Portal With AD

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

Hosted In Azure UK

Unlimited User Accounts

Automation and Rules Engine

Information security for M365

Add an extra layer of protection to Microsoft 365 with Quantum Detect - the intelligent information security solution for cloud-based businesses. Powered by Cognni AI technology, Quantum Detect autonomously maps, detects and investigates incidents before they become risks, ensuring all information shared in Office 365 is compliant with business policies.

The benefits? InfoSec save hours of time and gain the visibility needed to keep valuable business information safe.

Simple backup for Microsoft 365

Ensure your Microsoft 365 data is safe from accidental deletion or malicious attacks with Quantum Backup. Powered by Redstor, this simple but powerful solution provides complete visibility of your Microsoft 365 storage requirements, offering a multitude of features for smart and cost-effective backup management.

The result? Backup and data recovery is faster, whilst pricing is based on the actual storage required – not the number of users

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