Simplify your IT support
to reduce costs & regain control

Benefits of Multi Vendor Support
Aggregate all IT support contracts under a single support offering
Eliminate costs associated with contract management
World wide support available
Consistant, single point of contact
Recarta's IBM Multi Vendor Support services have been designed to address the problem of managing complex, multi vendor environments where high availability and speed are needed.
IBM Technical Support Services (TSS)

Recarta is one of 2 Platinum Partners for IBM TSS, enabling us to provide proactive, reactive, onsite and remote IT support for over 30,000 IBM and non-IBM devices. Our advanced technologies and global partnerships with leading networking, security and software providers enable you to simplify IT support management by streamlining multiple contracts to deliver OEM-quality IT support through a single point of contact.

“After a thorough review of our IT infrastructure, Recarta reduced our support suppliers down to a single entity and provided us with a single support agreement reducing the complexity of ongoing contract management”
CTO. Overseas Private Bank
Philip Trumble

Philip heads Recarta’s Annuity Services team. He has over 18 years IT experience, having worked with IBM infrastructure solutions for most of that time. Philip is widely recognized as a leading consultant in the field of Multi Vendor Support.

Dylan Cooper

Dylan is an experienced IT support analyst. He has a wealth of experience in understanding support requirements having worked for many leading global organisations in private banking, retail and manufacturing.

Kevin Longmore

Kevin is an experienced hardware and IT infrastructure support consultant. He has previously worked with large multi national organisations to develop cost effective support processes that ensure business continuity.

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