Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Shifting from traditional, on-premise-managed environments to the Recarta Enterprise Cloud can provide you with more horsepower, flexibility, scalability, and redundancy – all at a reasonable operating rate instead of unpredictable capital expenses.

Since 2008 Recarta’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been providing the hosting of multiple operating systems (IBMi, AIX, Linux and Windows), storage solutions and application instances. Along with a wealth of complementary service offerings, we are the ideal Cloud partner for resilient, scalable and secure hosting solutions.


Tier 3 certified, fully redundant, multiple sites, multiple POPS, ISO 27001 compliant.


Legacy and current IBM (AIX & IBMi), Linux & x86 (HPE, Lenovo), CAPEX to OPEX, flexibility and cost savings.


Leading industry standards, secure hypervisors, DC network segmentation, secure connectivity.


24 x 7 ServiceDesk, pro-active monitoring, bespoke & flexible support, full DC migration and project management.

Cost effective consumption of Servers and Storage
Recarta’s chosen locations are Tier 3 certified, ISO 27001 compliant, providing confidence in its automated, built in redundancy designs and processes. Multiple datacenter sites provide flexibility around your chosen geographical needs and the ability to replicate to a second location using enterprise leading software including PowerHA, M81, Mimix and Veeam.

Recarta’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can be deployed as a private, hybrid or public cloud environment. The technology is based on enterprise class infrastructure including IBM Power (AIX & IBMi), HPE and Lenovo servers along with IBM storage and Cisco networking technologies. Back up strategies include tape and disk solutions along with air gapped solutions for cyber resiliency. All services are deployed within a resilient, scalable design.

Our infrastructure provides a scalable solution for clients looking to move from a CAPEX to OPEX model, where on demand services are available to allow for limitless flexibility and cost savings.

Services are provided within a highly secure, multi tenanted infrastructure. Leading industry standards are used around provisioned virtualized environments. This includes secure hypervisors, complete data centre network segmentation. Along with multiple remote connectivity options around Point-to-Point networks or secure IPsec VPN solutions.

Our 24/7 Service Desk provides continuous monitoring of the Recarta infrastructure to provide peace of mind. These services can also be deployed around a simply ad hoc engagement to encompass a large range of tailorable service offerings to provide proactive monitoring of your services.

Hosting from a Tier 3 Datacentre
Recarta works with several Tier 3 Datacentres – giving us the flexibility to choose the right one for your location and requirement. These Datacentres have everything you would expect from a Tier 3 environment and we choose our hosting partners based on their security and resilience.

Remote System Monitoring

Ensure your systems are always running with efficiency.

Remote back-up & Disaster Recovery

Ensure your business critical applications and data can be restored.

High Availability using a second data centre

Our tier 3 datacentre approach ensures high availability for business critical applications and data.

Full firmware & patch management

Up to date patch management to ensure the latest security and performance updates.

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