Even the slightest interruptions to your business can cost you in revenue, employee productivity and a loss in hard earned reputation with your clients.

Recarta works as your Disaster Recovery partner, all our DRaaS contracts include a detailed plan, agreed network connection, DR testing and documentation to ensure that when the time comes you have a trusted partner you can count on!
Recarta takes an environment specific, customer focused approach to business continuity. Our two DRaaS options allow for flexibility while providing comprehensive infrastructure, personnel, and planning.

Why Choose DRaaS?

Reduced downtime

We minimize downtime by providing rapid recovery of critical systems and data in the event of a disaster. This can help prevent productivity losses and revenue disruptions.

Cost savings

DRaaS eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software investments, and reduces the cost of maintaining an in-house disaster recovery solution.


We can scale up or down based on your organization’s needs, allowing you to adjust your disaster recovery capabilities as your business evolves.

Trained Experts

We have the expertise and resources to manage disaster recovery, allowing your organization to focus on core business activities.


DRaaS can help your organization meet compliance requirements by providing a secure and reliable backup and recovery solution.

What can Recarta offer?

Using some of the industries leading hardware and/or software, Recarta will replicate your on-premise data and environment to Recartas hosted and secure Cloud Back up Service. In the event of an invocation, Recarta will restore you onto a mirrored environment within the Recarta Enterprise Cloud.

Once recovered you will have 30 days of unrestricted access to your secondary environment. This will give us a perfect window to help you get your Production environment back up and running.

The solution is completely scalable and our solutions have the flexibility of providing DRaaS for your systems whether on-premise or hosted in another datacentre. All options are hosted in UK Tier 3 datacentres which are highly secure and operate to ISO27001 standards. All our contracts include a minimum of one Disaster Recovery test per year, ensuring we all have this process documented along with any yearly changes and ensuring you have utmost confidence in your Disaster Recovery plan with Recarta.

Implementing a proper data recovery strategy can take time and resources that makes it difficult for some businesses to implement in-house. Big or small, Recarta will ensure that your data can be properly recovered in the event of a disaster.

IBMi, AIX, Linux & Windows supported

Highly secure ISO 27001 environment

UK Tier 3 data centres

24 x 7 global support desk service

Our disaster recovery experts

Our dedicated global IT support desk maintain certifications with all key DR vendors.

Speak to a disaster recovery expert

Speak to a qualified Disaster Recovery expert today.

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