High Availability as a Service (HAaaS)

With Recartas HAaaS solutions there is no need to justify the cost of the additional datacentre, infrastructure and the additional care that a High Availability solution requires. Real time replication between servers and sites using our Enterprise replication, monitoring tools and our 24 x 7 Service team, means that you can always have the utmost confidence on the availability of your mission critical data and systems.

Our HAaaS solutions are available on multiple platforms including IBM Power (IBMi & AIX), Linux and x86, providing you the ability to protect all systems and data under a single solution and service agreement. Our hosted platforms are deployed in one of our Tier 3 datacentres or can be from one of the Enterprise Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, IBM) to provide a second location.


Tier 3 certified, fully secure, fully redundant, multiple sites, multiple POPS, ISO 27001 compliant.


Legacy and current IBM (AIX & IBMi), Linux & x86 workloads, CAPEX to OPEX, flexibility and cost saving.


Leading industry standards, secure hypervisors, DC network segmentation, secure connectivity.


24 x 7 ServiceDesk, pro-active monitoring, skilled technical consultants for design and planning.

Recarta's HAaaS Solutions include
Many businesses have become totally reliant on their applications and the running of their servers, so downtime must be kept to a minimum.

Fully managed target servers or virtual machines

Back-ups managed on the target machine

Supply and management of replication software and tool

Full management of network to the Datacentre(s)

Discover how you can benefit from our High Availability solutions. Call one of our experts today.
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Discover how you can benefits from our HA service. Call one of our experts today.

Recartas High Availability as a Service (HAaaS) solutions will improve the resilience of your applications and ensure that your data and business can function in a 24 x 7 world.
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