IBM Storwize V7000F and V5030F – All Flash Arrays

The Storwize family is adding two new all-flash array models, Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F, to meet the demand for higher speed storage. All-flash arrays provide higher IOPs and bandwidth with lower power and total cost of ownership than hybrid or HDD-based solutions.

Storwize V7000F

IBM Storwize V7000F is a virtualised, software-defined, all-flash storage system designed to consolidate workloads into a single storage system for simplicity of management, reduced cost, highly scalable capacity, and high performance and availability. The Storwize V7000F all-flash arrays deliver improved performance, scalability, and efficiency.

Storwize V7000F comes standard with integrated, hardware-assisted compression acceleration. Regular and Real-time Compression workloads can further benefit from the total system cache of 128 GB and the optional compression accelerator card feature for additional hardware-assisted compression acceleration.

Storwize V7000F offers SFF 12 Gb SAS flash drive expansion enclosure models. The Storwize V7000F supports up to twenty-four 2.5-inch flash drives. Storwize V7000F scales up to 504 drives with the attachment of 20 Storwize V7000F expansion enclosures.

Storwize V7000F systems can be clustered to help deliver greater performance, bandwidth, and scalability. A Storwize V7000F clustered system can contain up to four Storwize V7000F systems and up to 1,056 drives. Storwize V7000F systems can be added into existing clustered systems that include previous generation Storwize V7000 systems.

As you would expect – all Storwize V7000F functional capabilities are provided through IBM Spectrum Virtualize Software.

Storwize V5030F

Storwize V5030F is a highly flexible, virtualised, all-flash storage system designed to enable midsized organizations to overcome their storage challenges with advanced functions and significantly increased performance. The Storwize V5030F all-flash array offers improved performance and efficiency, enhanced security, and increased scalability compared with hybrid or HDD storage solutions.

The Storwize V5030F control enclosure offers the highest levels of performance, scalability, and functionality, includes:

  • Two node canisters, each with a 6-core processor and 32 GB of cache for a system total of 64 GB
  • Support for 504 drives per system with the attachment of 20 Storwize V5030F expansion enclosures and 1,008 drives with a two-way clustered configuration
  • External virtualisation to consolidate and provide Storwize V5030F capabilities to existing storage infrastructures
  • Real-time Compression for improved storage efficiency
  • Encryption of data at rest stored within the Storwize V5030F system and externally virtualised storage systems

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