SMB Storage Virtualization with IBM Storwize V3700

SMB Storage Virtualization has taken a big leap forward in the last few months with the IBM Storwize V3700 serving this sector very well in it’s first few months.

The thing is that the V3700 has enterprise functions from the Storwize storage virtualization system, including automated data tiering, block storage consolidation, thin provisioning and data migration.

Smaller and medium-sized businesses that have an investment in server virtualization can therefore now take advantage of virtualized shared storage and with the data migration feature, administrators can easily move data from existing platforms to their new Storwize V3700.

George Crump, founder of Storage Switzerland says “this is a full enterprise product offering”. “It’s for companies that have aggressively virtualized their environments and need enterprise features but they have an SMB budget”. “The system provides functions in that space that historically are limited”.

Ed Walsh, vice president of marketing and strategy for IBM system storage adds “We are extending a very solid family down to the SMB level”. “Companies these sizes have the same challenges of data growth with budget costs.They don’t have a lot of resources”.

With scalability to 120 drives delivering 180TB of raw capacity, FlashCopy, automated storage provisioning and volume management, it will be interesting to see where this great product goes.

Recarta has already seen a lot of interest from SMBs (and larger organisations too) who want to take advantage of performance improvements made by support of 200GB and 400GB SSDs. On top of this, the V3700 will support 2.5 inch near-line SAS drives up to 1TB and 3.5 inch drives up to 3TB per drive. All this working with dual controllers and cache up to 8GB.

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