IBM V7000 Unlocks Value in Stored Data

IBM V7000 was the first Storwize virtualised storage product offering released in a range now comprising V7000, V5000 and V3700. With unified storage versions (managing block and file data) and handling all flash, all HDD or a mixture, the systems are truly Enterprise class.

The IBM V7000 storage products continue to lead in the virtualised storage space. Here is how investing in the technology can unlock business value in your stored data:

Storage efficiencies of up to 80% are realised through real-time compression and it comes with a guarantee. Turn on real-time compression on the IBM V7000 and if you don’t achieve the guaranteed storage saving, IBM will provide free of charge hardware and software to match the expected performance and storage saving.

Real-Time compression is special in the industry because it compresses active primary workloads. These are enterprise applications such as databases, finance packages and virtualisation.

You can also maximise benefit from un-disrupted applications by using Data Virtualisation. This separates applications from the physical storage. Hardware changes can be made while the data is insulated from it. Cost savings are also made when moving data as little or no downtime is required. Data Virtualisation on the IBM V7000 also allows other storage arrays from IBM and other vendors to be included in the Storwize system. This protects investment as the data in these other systems can be managed by and use the rich functionality of the Storwize system on IBM V7000.

By tiering data on the most appropriate disk type, storage performance is greatly enhanced by automatically keeping “hot” data on the fastest access drives and automatically moving less frequently required data to other (possibly slower and larger capacity) tiers of storage. EasyTier software is responsible for this on the IBM V7000 storage systems. For example, EasyTier will keep your most needed data on a super fast flash drive tier. Then tier the less often required data to a SAS tier, then a near-line SAS tier. This leads to great efficiencies and performance enhancements for a business’ applications, in turn leading to increased customer satisfaction.

For more information on the V7000 and how the storage systems can integrate in your environment, please contact one of our specialists..