IBM DCS3700, DS3500 & DS3950: Enhancements announced including updated IBM Storage Manager Software

New enhancements to IBM® System Storage® DCS3700 include:

• New single or ten-pack drive features offer new T10 Protection Information (PI) Functionality

• New 10 GbE Host Interface Card enables iSCSI protocol and IP mirroring Functions

Next-generation 10K hard disk drive features are now available for entry and midrange Storage systems.

For DS3500 systems, new Storage Manager version 10.86 and Controller FirmWare level (CFW) version 7.86 are available and include a new HDD functionality, T10 Protection Information (T10 PI). These new drives are T10 PI capable, and the new Storage Manager and CFW enable T10 PI on other DS3500 drive options previously announced without that capability.

New Storage Manager v10.86, in conjunction with new CFW v7.86, adds the major disk integrity protocol T10 PI for the DS3500 controllers. T10 PI is an industry-standard extension to the SCSI standard that incorporates eight additional bytes of integrity metadata on each block of data to help ensure that block is being transferred without error between the storage controller and the PI-formatted disk drives.

The new Storage Manager and CFW also include feature enhancements improving ease of use, such as data capture for key operational statistics, Performance Monitor enhancements, a view-only role for administrative management, and other performance improvements.

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