IBM Buys TMS (Texas Memory Systems)

Introducing IBM and TMS: a winning Smarter Storage combination

Recarta and IBM are currently working together to bring the benefits of extreme high speed storage to satisfy the most demanding database applications across all industries and environments.

In October 2012, IBM finalised the purchase of Texas Memory Systems (TMS), a Houston-based company who for over 30 years have been manufacturing high speed, solid state storage solutions and are market leaders with their RAMSAN range. Now part of the IBM Storage portfolio, the RAMSAN Flash storage system combines lightening fast IOP performance with scalability in a very compact footprint.

IBM’s new Flash portfolio is efficient by design, leveraging Texas Memory Systems’ solid state storage innovations. TMS, an IBM Company, has a 34-year history of designing and selling high-performance solid state storage systems for accelerating essential enterprise applications.

  • Easily integrates into existing infrastructure with no application changes, yet faster data access
  • Delivers high performance and reliability, with smallest physical and power footprint in the market
  • Provides flash design expertise and IP including reliability and data protection innovations such as Variable Stripe RAID ™ technology

Customers will benefit through:

  • Business savings – unlocking the scale of users or processes for faster analytics and jobs
  • Financial savings – reduce licensing costs and provide significant power, cooling and “rack estate” savings
  • Accelerated operations freeing up time for business needs

Flash System Storage

  • TMS RamSan-710 | highest performance (7.92MB)
  • TMS RamSan-810 | large capacity and high performance (1.06MB)

Flash high availability storage systems

  • TMS RamSan-720 | highest performance (3.49MB)

In-server flash storage

  • TMS RamSan-80 PCIe storage (172KB)


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