IBM iSeries & Maxava – HA no longer only for the Rich

Some issues that have been around for years can suddenly acquire increased importance due to increased business impact.

High availability is one such issue that is currently attracting a lot of attention.

In the first place there is an increasing awareness of the effects of IT downtime. This can be due to recent outages perhaps caused by the now expected inclement weather or because of an increasing awareness that the “just in time” nature of modern business has made IT systems even more critical. Downtimes of 30 minutes now affect manufacturing and other industries in a way not imaginable twenty years ago.

Recarta IT brings our partner Maxava to address High Availability for our iSeries clients. Frequently the subject appears when Disaster Recovery is discussed. A traditional approach to DR planning is based on temporary recovery equipment and timescales measured in days to provide a working system. Admittedly in the case of a general disaster alternative business premises may also be required but more and more there is a realisation that business continuity must be achieved in hours not days. The only real way to have this with IT is to have a High Availability solution built into the Disaster Recovery planning.

Recarta IT and Maxava can supply affordable solutions for High Availability that makes it available to a much wider number of iSeries customers. High Availability is now a financially viable option for all serious iSeries users. The price/performance point for IBM Power 7 hardware is now almost legendary and combined with the knock-on effect of moving many users into a lower Software Group together with the excellent pricing for Maxava this makes HA a very viable option financially for many more I Series users.

So High Availability is no longer just for the “rich” iSeries user set – it’s now both essential and affordable for all industries.