Why Should I Upgrade To Power8?

Why Should I Upgrade To Power8?

IBM Power8 is the latest and most powerful generation of IBM Power Systems, running IBM i, AIX and Linux operating systems. But why upgrade to Power8 if your current IBM Power System is already serving your business well? Many IT decision makers may view capital expenditure as unnecessary, when an existing system is doing its job well. However, when looking a little deeper, the total cost of ownership over the next 3-5 years can be much lower and significant cost savings can be made.

The saving that is often first cited after an investment in Power8 is lower maintenance costs. For a start, there is the included 3 years of warranty and hardware and software maintenance can be a fraction of the cost of supporting older legacy systems over an extended period. Another cost saving that is not always appreciated is on power consumption. Energy efficiency, historically, has not always been investigated thoroughly within every organisation but the cost of powering and cooling the datacenter is getting much more focus these days, with legislation and guidelines forcing the issue.

The IBM Power8 range of systems are extremely energy efficient when compared to previous compute and storage systems. Recarta can provide a no obligation evaluation of your IT energy use and potential savings that can be made by making strategic changes. Please contact one of our specialists for more information.

Another factor to consider is footprint. Legacy systems can be very bulky and rack space or floor space-hungry. With much larger capacity per hard drive and condensed system and storage/expansion units, older IBM Power Systems that have grown to multiple expansion units, can be consolidated down to a powerful single racked device or two. This in turn can have a dramatic effect on lowering energy consumption and cost.

The above are cost saving considerations with IBM Power8 before even looking at what a vast increase in performance can achieve for an organisation. With a 2-3 times average performance increase over an equivalent model in the predecessor range (Power7), IBM Power8 systems are ideally placed to help capitalise and make sense of the overwhelming amount of data coming from all kinds of sources.

Big Data, Analytics and Cognitive are all terms bandied around these days but at a basic level, you need to take advantage of your corporate data, make sense of it and use it to drive positive actions. Power8 systems have been shown to analyse data up to 50 times quicker than x86 processors.

IBM Power8 offers unprecedented reliability, availability and system growth potential for mission critical applications. It can also dramatically improve the bottom line. Our specialists can tailor configurations to requirements. Please contact us for more details.