Why your Enterprise IT is like a Classic Car…

With your own car – you wouldn’t head into the winter without doing some basic maintenance such as adding some antifreeze, checking your tyres and topping up the screen wash. Owners of classic cars – don’t just buy them and stick them in the garage for 10 years and wait for the appreciation to kick in. They have to be committed to tinker, polish, grease and turn them over on a regular basis – not forgetting for it to be serviced by a professional. The condition of a classic car left in the garage for 2 years would be very similar to your Enterprise IT after being left alone for the same period. You would find that you were nearing a withdrawal date of some sort and that when it breaks down – the mechanic will suck in his breath through his teeth and tap his spanner several times on the bulk head.

One of Recarta’s main areas of growth has been in providing technical services into our clients around their IBM infrastructure. In particular, with the loss of skill and resource in-house it is apparent that the mundane and routine areas of patches, fixes and software upgrades just gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. It is proving problematic for companies already stretched to the limits with lack of resource to find time to undergo what on the face of it seems to be of little benefit. However, the reality is that when you make your support call to IBM – most often they will insist on the latest levels of firmware on your IBM Power Server, Storage or HMC before helping you find a solution and fixing the problem.

Let us help – we’ll do the mundane routine boring parts of your IT, so that you can concentrate on the more exciting stuff and driving your IT. We have token support packages starting from £1,000 for 10 hours work – covering fixes, patching, upgrades to OS, Tivoli, WebSphere, Rational or replication software such as Power HA, MIMIX and iTera – we can help as much or as little as you want.




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