IBM developed IBM Tivoli to allow a business to manage its entire computing environment. Recarta, an IBM Tivoli Accredited partner, can assist with all areas around your Tivoli Software infrastructure. Most companies only use the basic elements within Tivoli and Recarta can help train and develop your understanding of IBM Tivoli – to help manage your systems and save time and money around Tivoli license renewals. If its IBM training you require, book IBM Tivoli training to get certification.

Tivoli software  provides integrated views for managing and optimising critical IT systems with policy-based resource allocation, security, storage, and systems management solutions.

Benefits of IBM Tivoli Software Solutions

  • Save money on Tape media – if your TSM reclamation process is not completing you will use more tapes than you need to. Increase reclamation levels or, merge storage pools.
  • Save money on Disk Storage – actively manage your attached storage and make the most of expensive SANs.
  • Examine your TSM Policies – review the policies and ensure they are still relevant, in addition, segregate user data and operating system data, and apply separate policies

Use Recarta to manage your Passport Advantage agreement – Recarta will consolidate contracts and co-terminate them, which could entitle you for volume discounts when procuring new Tivoli software licences. Recarta can also assist in checking your IBM PA licence entitlement – it is up to you to check your entitlement – but Recarta has the expertise and resources to assist to make sure you are not over or under- licenced and above all save you money on your Tivoli license renewals.

Virtualise to Save – IBM licence TSM software on physical CPU cores not on virtual machines. By virtualising your servers onto Power7 you will vastly reduce the number of software licenses you need to purchase.

De-duplication – consider a Virtual Tape Library (VTL) technology. By using deduplication you can get the same capacity with far fewer disk drives.

To understand more about IBM Tivoli Software, the additional benefits that can be unlocked from your existing Tivoli software estate, or simply how much you can save around your Tivoli software license renewals – contact our experienced Tivoli Licensing Team. In addition the new TSM v6.1 may involve some implementation challenges to existing TSM environments and Recarta can assist with your upgrade.