IBM PowerVS: A Guide for Test, DR, and Production Workloads for Oracle and SAP

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IBM Power VS: A Cutting-Edge Offering

IBM PowerVS  is a cutting-edge offering within the Power Systems family that provides businesses with a scalable and secure way to deploy their workloads in the cloud. Hosted in IBM data centers, Power Systems Virtual Servers are distinct from IBM Cloud servers, featuring separate networks and direct-attached storage.

Each Power Systems Virtual Server operates within its own dedicated pod, with internal networks securely fenced off, yet providing flexible connectivity options to cater to unique customer requirements. This meticulous infrastructure design ensures that Power Systems Virtual Server maintains crucial enterprise software certification and support, as its architecture mirrors the certified on-premises infrastructure.

Power Systems Virtual Servers, also known as logical partitions (LPARs), run seamlessly on IBM Power Systems hardware with the PowerVM hypervisor at their core. With Power Systems Virtual Server, customers can swiftly create and deploy one or more virtual servers, each running either the AIX, IBM i, or Linux operating systems.

Upon provisioning a Power Systems Virtual Server, customers gain access to the underlying infrastructure and physical computing resources without the need for hands-on management. However, customers are responsible for managing the operating system and software applications and data.


PowerVS: Features and Benefits

Tailored Infrastructure: Enjoy the flexibility to configure and customise various aspects of your Power Systems Virtual Server, including:

  • The number of virtual server instances
  • Cores allocation
  • Memory capacity
  • Data volume specifications
  • Network interfaces setup

Terraform Integration: Leverage Terraform support for streamlined solutions definition and automated lifecycle management of your cloud resources.

Network Flexibility: When creating a Power Systems Virtual Server, you can choose between a private or public network interface:

  • Public: IBM configures the network environment to facilitate a secure public network connection from the internet to your Power Systems Virtual Server instance.
  • Private: Utilises a Direct Link Connect connection to link up with your IBM Cloud account network and associated resources.


Experience the benefits of RedHat: Get your free Redhat  workload with every power 10 upgrade

When you provision a Red Hat OpenShift Cluster on Power Systems Virtual Server, it is easier to use the IBM™ provided automation to create the entire cluster of servers and install Red Hat OpenShift rather than individually provisioning Power Systems Virtual Server instances. Recarta are offering a free RedHat workload with every Power10 upgrade, find out more about this service offering below.

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Power servers for Oracle workloads

With a 35-year partnership, IBM and Oracle cross-collaborate to ensure that Oracle databases running on IBM Power and AIX® are efficient and successful, your organisation could benefit from:

  1. The capability to scale your business without impacting mission-critical workload performance
  2. Increasing your server utilization and optimizing your costs with IBM PowerVS for AIX
  3. Maximising application availability
  4. Reducing risk and building cyber resiliency with protection across the entire stack

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Simplify and accelerate SAP Hana developments with IBM Power

Multi-model in-memory databases place high demands on the underlying infrastructure. For optimum performance, it is essential to run SAP HANA on powerful, reliable servers. IBM Power Systems, which are certified by SAP and designed to support data-intensive workloads, provide an outstanding platform for SAP HANA, offering key business advantages.

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Expand your hybrid cloud journey with IBM Power Virtual Server.

Maintain the security and trusted, high performance of IBM Power while modernizing at your pace and price point, on and off premises. Get the benefits of a hybrid cloud with a consistent experience and connectivity to your Power infrastructure.

IBM PowerVS Cloud:

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