Simplify and accelerate SAP HANA deployments with IBM Power

Why run SAP Hana on IBM Power?

Multi-model, in-memory databases place high demands on the underlying infrastructure, and running SAP HANA on powerful, reliable servers is essential to achieving optimum performance. Created to support data-intensive workloads, IBM Power® provides an outstanding platform for SAP HANA, is certified by SAP, and offers key business advantages.

IBM Power servers can host up to 16 production logical partitions (LPARs), giving businesses the opportunity to create multiple partitions for their core applications in secure and easy-to-manage testing, deployment, quality assurance, and production environments. With optimal workload distribution, hosting multiple SAP HANA systems on one server can significantly improve processor utilization rates, helping to reduce overall IT infrastructure costs and reduce environmental impact.

Research revealed that businesses achieved an average saving of $1.4 million by deploying their SAP HANA environments on IBM® Power® servers.

By running SAP HANA on IBM Power servers, enterprises can also significantly strengthen business continuity and protect against downtime. In its latest Server OS Reliability Report, Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC) discovered that 91 percent of all IBM Power servers they tested delivered 99.999 percent reliability and in its most recent Server OS Security Report, ITIC found that IBM Power customers reported an average downtime of less than 3.3 minutes over a 12-month period.

This level of rock-solid reliability has made IBM Power a staple for every organization that drives its critical business processes with SAP HANA

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