Infor Users Demand The Best

Infor Super Users Demand The Best

  • IBM

Like most enterprise ERP platforms, Infor makes punishing workloads of any infrastructure environment. ERP platforms like Infor demand an fast and proficient IT environment in order to cope with the demanding workloads placed upon it by every department within an enterprise. Combine this daily demand with escalating storage demands and a tightening of security encryption and your IT infrastructure needs to be rather special.

Forthcoming AI and machine learning initiatives are also increasing demands for historic data use, placing further demands on ever stretched server and storage hardware.

At a time when many CIO’s and CTO’s are evaluating their infrastructure future, questions are being asked. “Can our current infrastructure cope ?”, “How scalable are we?”, ” what are our competitors doing?”. For many, this age of uncertainty brings rigorous evaluation with a keen eye on how future technology can help cope with the ever increasing demand for data consumption, application performance and security that doesn’t impeach productivity. Small wonder, that for many concepts such as hyper converged and software defined appear attractive – the days of throwing hardware at storage and resilience problems are over and the age of scalable hardware is upon us. Demands for IT environments that can cope with ever increasing storage requirements without placing increasing commercial burden on the business will give rise to alternative IT infrastructure architecture.

Where INFOR is deployed it remains at the core for operational efficiency, driving supply chain, transactions and general through put. To this end the application needs to remain frighteningly resilient, secure and capable of performing to the needs of end users. If it fails, end users will find alternative measure to reach their performance targets. For many that could mean refusing to use a system that fails to perform to their needs.

Research shows that there is a direct link between ‘User adoption’ and ‘System performance’. Where an application is too slow or inaccessible , End user simply stop using it and seek alternative processes or applications that can plug the gap. Resulting in the opportunity for a central ERP platform (and all the benefits of a centralised data repository) being lost.

If you are an Infor user and you’re experiencing performance issues, give us a call. We work with a large number of users to ensure their Infor application remains User friendly, compliant and resilient.