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Your journey to an ultra efficient, highly scalable, super-easy-to-manage infrastructure just got a lot easier

Reducing the cost of Hyperconverged infrastructure

Reducing Virtualisation Licensing Costs

Our hyperconverged solutions can help reduce escalating licensing costs associated with virtualised infrastructure.

Reducing Administration Costs

Our hyperconverged solutions mitigate the need for high skilled infrastructure administrator intervention. By using a software, infrastructure instances can be scaled, deployed and monitored without manual intervention.

Simplifying your entire network

Most IT infrastructures contain a combination of old inherited and new hardward. On Premise and cloud based environments. Our Hyperconverged solution gives you the ability to unify your server hardware under a single management software layer.

Features of Scale Computing Hyperconverged solution

Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualization platform is a complete ‘datacenter in a box’ with server, storage and virtualization integrated into a single appliance to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability at a fraction of the cost.

Key Benefits


Hyperconvergence is an appliance-based approach combining servers, storage, and virtualization in a single vendor solution. Purchasing and support are done through a single vendor. The simplicity of the solution includes rapid-deployment, automated management capabilities, and a single pane of management. Scaling out can be as simple as adding additional cluster nodes.

High Availability

Hyperconverged appliances are designed for integrated clustering for automatic failover of your applications and data among the nodes of a cluster. Applications can be migrated between nodes in a live state without any service interruption. In the event of a complete node failure, applications are automatically restarted on other nodes to minimize downtime.


The resources of each node are aggregated into a cluster, creating a single computing platform for your applications and data. If more computing power is needed, simply add a node. If more storage is needed, simply add a node. Nodes of different types can be mixed and matched in a single cluster, providing flexibility to build out the perfect infrastructure for applications.


By combining so many components into a single solution, the cost of a hyperconverged solution is significantly lower than traditional solutions. The reduction in cost may be realized in the initial price vs. a traditional virtualization infrastructure design but will definitely be realized in ongoing management costs. The simplicity and scalability eliminate the need for expensive IT training and certifications. The built in high availability features reduce downtime and the high costs of lost productivity and service outages.

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