IBM Storage

Leveraging Software defined storage and flash is helping to revolutionise the performance of Business Critical Applications and Data resilience.

Our Software defined storage solutions provide greater efficiency for your legacy storage environments.

Accelerate your storage capability with Software defined.
Approximately 20 times faster than previous SAN
Greatly reduced application COB times, even when using a reduction in CPU and memory resources
Industry leading Flash technology
Interuption free data migration
50% reduction in data centre footprint
Reduction in rack space from 140u rack to 12u
Increase fibre connection seed to 16Gb/s
Increase storage capabilities via Real Time Compression and thin provisioning
Up to 95% savings in Power consumption and cooling
20x faster than previous SAN environments
Reduce power consumption by up to 95%
Reduce 'Close of Business Reconciliation' Time
50% reduction in your Date Centre Footprint
Current Hardware
Proposed Hardware
Software defined proposed hardware
Looking to improve the performance of your business applications? Talk to us today to discover how much you could save the Software Defined Storage & Flash.

    Download Software Defined Storage for Dummies for FREE

    The Software Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Platform Computing Edition, not only examines data storage & management challenges but also explains how software defined storage delivers an innovative solution for high-performance, cost-effective storage using IBM’s GPFS.

    Control storage costs
    Eliminate storage bottlenecks
    Use IBM Spectrum Storage to solve storage management challenges
    The best way to buy IBM Spectrum Storage software

    IBM Spectrum Storage Suite gives you unlimited access to the IBM Spectrum Storage family and on-premises IBM Cloud Object Storage software with licensing on a flat, cost-per-TB basis to make pricing easy to understand and predictable as capacity.