What happens if your INFOR applications go down?
We understand the importance of business critical applications. At Recarta we specialise in providing high performance, compliant and ultra resilient IT infrastructures for INFOR applications.

We provide IBM infrastructure solutions and system management to over 50 M3, XA, LX and system 21 clients across the UK.

"Our internal skills and experience around IBM Power Systems in particular mean that you are in safe hands when planning your next steps around your chosen Infor application."
Daren Bland, MD Recarta
The key areas of our Infor Solutions expertise are built around:
Scoping, provisioning, hosting and management of IBM Power Servers
Provision of Linux and Virtualisation technologies and skills
Virtualised, Tiered and Flash Storage solutions
Enterprise Backup, Recovery & high Availability solutions
Hardware and Software Support Management
Independant Licensing and Compliance Management
Migration and Hosting services
System monitoring and automation
Why Recarta for IBM Support?

One of the UK’s leading IBM T2 support partners

Support multiple vendors under a single support contract

Support ‘out of warranty’ infrastructure

Move your support back to IBM for total support assurance

Speak to an IBM infrastructure expert about the performance of your INFOR application