Get ready for IBM Power9

  • IBM

The good news is that IBM’s long awaited Power9 release is just around the corner. The bad news is that the testing still goes on.

As we reported some weeks ago, IBM will end support of IBMi 7.1 at some point in April next year, many commentators believe this will coincide with Power9’s release date. For those who are considering a refresh or upgrade and would like to know the current state of Play, take a look at the video below, which offers an overview of what IBM Power9 can offer and why it may be worth the wait.

Power9 has been developed with cognitive computing in mind. The need for data processing speeds to increase in the age of AI seems to have been a core driver in the processor development. Charles Araujo highlights the need to develop infrastructures that can cope with the demands that true cognitive organisations will put on legacy IT environments. He’s one of many who belief tht software defined architecture will simple not be enough to cope with the huge demands AI will place on processing and hardware.

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