IBM have announced the end of support for IBMi 7.1 in April 2018. Recarta are offering a services consultancy package to all IBMi 7.1 users to help plan their upgrade before the April 2018 deadline.

Check to see of your IBM Power server can support above V7R1

Check this site which provides information on IBM i products or features which may not be supported in future releases of IBM i operating system or on future product offerings.

Check the IBM announcement about end of support.

Recarta IBMi 7.1 Upgrade Planning Includes

Present OS and Hardware roadmap for context and build confidence in maturity of 7.2 and actually 7.3

Help with 3rd party applications running on Power I and compatibility on 7.2 or 7.3

Review HW and SW (Licenced products) on your Power systems in order to identify pre-requisites for 7.2 or 7.3

Identify HW features which are not supported at 7.2 or 7.3

Identify Licensed programs which are not present on 7.2/7.3 – work through replacement products for you specifically

Identify pre-requisites for attached devices – such as HMC, Tape devices, SAN Switching, External Storage array (if present)

Identify likely pricing for extended support on 7.1 for your system

Plan OS upgrade professional services safe in knowledge that pre-requisites for HW and SW are known and accounted for.

Ensure you're IBMi Estate is Supported
"Recarta's team has given us full support in our IBMi migration. The whole process was transparent and painless from the start."
IBMi Estate Manager.
Total IBMi Support Assurance

Remote system monitoring

Health checks and optimisation

High availability monitoring

Data migrations

Installations & upgrades

Patch upgrades

Operating System upgrades

Benchmark testing

Design review & planning

Security checks

Penetration testing

Project management

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