Making sure you are neither over licensed or under licensed is a complicated and potentially expensive part of the budget, but partnering with Recarta’s Software team can take this headache away.

Recarta have experts ready to deploy the IBM License Metric Tool, an IBM product that is available to IBM Passport Advantage customers free of charge.

The IBM License Metric Tool gathers information about installed software and hardware in a customer’s infrastructure and measures the processor value units (PVUs), resource value units (RVUs MAPC), and processor cores available to each product.

The reports we can create in the IBM License Metric Tool help our clients ensure that they are compliant in what has become a confusing subject with virtualisation and sub-capacity. It also helps our clients to plan ahead and be charged for their exact needs – and in most organisations this is just good management and good IT governance.

Advantages of Recarta carrying out your IBM Software audit:

  • We can help avoid an unwanted IBM compliance review
  • Large potential savings around sub-capacity and test/dev.
  • We can provide POC on sample or analysis across a chosen product
  • Understand where you are over licensed and under licensed
  • Essential for ongoing management of IBM PA and annual negotiation
  • Establish software type utilisation/date
  • Reporting tool allows for analyses by product/server/date etc
  • Audit trail of all changes – hardware and software
  • Help set limits for PVU’s and Sub-Capacity usage
  • Establish best practice before further virtualisation or migration to cloud.

Recarta can manage this service on an ongoing basis – updating the ILMT software, agents, PVU tables, and your IBM PA entitlements, providing reports for validation and future budgeting purposes

So what are the steps required?

  • Recarta will need to download the initial installation of ILMT onto a Linux server.
  • We will work with your team to load the agents on the servers.

The resulting reports from the analysis will be provided for customer internal use only. No information will be made available to any vendor unless requested by the customer to Recarta in writing.

Processor Value Unit (PVU) is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. The number of PVU entitlements required is based on the processor technology defined by Processor Vendor, Brand, Type and Model Number and by the number of processors made available to the Program.

IBM continues to define a processor, for the purpose of PVU-based licensing, to be each processor core on a chip (socket). A dual-core processor chip, for example, has two processor cores.

The Licensee can deploy the Program using either Full Capacity licensing or Virtualisation Capacity (Sub-Capacity) licensing according to the Passport Advantage Sub-Capacity Licensing Terms. If using Full Capacity licensing, the Licensee must obtain PVU entitlements sufficient to cover all activated processor cores* in the physical hardware environment made available to or managed by the Program, except for those servers from which the Program has been permanently removed.

If using Virtualisation Capacity licensing, the Licensee must obtain entitlements sufficient to cover all activated processor cores made available to or managed by the Program, as defined according to the Virtualisation Capacity License Counting Rules.

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