Are you paying for support you don't need?
Recarta Token Support gives you the ability to only pay for the the support you need when you need it.

By pre-purchasing Support Tokens on an annual basis, you can ultilise Recarta's technical resources for day-to-day support of your servers, operating systems, storage, back-ups or selected middleware. In addition, Recarta's team of consultants can assist with the planning and more hands-on elements to supporting your infrastructure - such as monitoring, OS upgrades, patch fixing or systems health checks.

Recarta Token Support Includes

IBM Server Support

IBM Power Servers
IBM Enterprise Storage
EMC Storage

Operating Systems Support

Red Hat Linux

Middleware Support

IBM WebSphere (WAS & MQ)
Tivoli Storage Manager

High Availability & Disaster Recovery Support


Only pay for the support you need
"Recarta Token Support gives us the flexibility and assurance we need to run a high availability infrastructure but without the traditional contract costs. We can tap into individual expertise as and when we need it."
International private bank, IT Head.
Total Support Assurance

Remote system monitoring

Health checks and optimisation

High availability monitoring

Data migrations

Installations & upgrades

Patch upgrades

Operating System upgrades

Benchmark testing

Design review & planning

Security checks

Penetration testing

Project management

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