Plan your Data Centre Migration with Recarta

Whether you are moving a single server or relocating an entire data centre, the concerns and problems remain the same – the systems require project management, engineering expertise, packaging, insurance, computer transport and contingency planning makes a potentially complex task seem simple.

Recarta’s Migrations Services include:

  • Provision of swing kit – duplicating your live environment
  • Server relocations
  • De-racking and re-racking of Servers
  • Installation of new Server equipment
  • Cable management of Server equipment
  • PC rollouts
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of PC equipment
  • Recycling and disposal of redundant IT equipment

We are familiar with the requirements that are needed to move your most trusted items of equipment, SAN’s, tape libraries and switches. Fully insured, and with years of experience, make Recarta IT your first call if you need to migrate your server or move your PC equipment.

We have tried and tested solutions with clients having benefitted from our expertise in very successful site moves. If you are starting to plan your next project, please do not hesitate to call us on 0844 800 7821 or email