Recarta can supply rental solutions for almost any hardware requirement, from single features, disk or extra memory through to complete systems.We see many reasons why it maybe useful to rent systems – and we offer them as part of our solutions for data centre relocations, migrations, upgrades of hardware, operating systems or applications. We can provide new or old equipment for short or long term projects.

In particular – we can provide equipment for evaluations and testing of new technology such as IBM Flash systems, Power 8 and IBM Tape Libraries.

Renting has some advantages in that it is tax deductible and also can stretch your budget at a time of need.

Why rent your IT?

  • Evaluations, Benchmarking & Testing
  • Try Before You Buy
  • Short Term Projects
  • Development & Testing
  • Consolidation & Migration
  • Proof of Concept
  • OPEX not CAPEX – Conserves Cash Flow
  • Relocations, Data Moves & Site Moves
  • Swing Kit
  • Peak Workload Management
  • Training Courses & Exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Resilience (During Maintenance/ upgrades)
  • Solutions to long delivery lead-times

Our rental solutions are available for IBM System i, p and x, IBM Storage, Sun, HP, and Cisco;

  • Flexible terms – as short as one week through to months and years
  • Delivery in 48-72hrs in most cases
  • A full installation service where applicable
  • Maintenance can be provided to cover the hardware during the contract, quoted separately on request.
  • The option to allow the minimum term to be extended or the client can also convert from rental to ownership at any point