Recarta have been providing clients with an efficient and professional support renewal service for Hardware renewals for the past 12 years.  As vendors tighten up their renewals process, Recarta can help by managing your hardware maintenance renewal on your behalf.  Most companies tend to issue out a renewal quotation 30-60 days in advance, however, Recarta work in advance of this notification and work with you to ensure contracts are renewed for the equipment which is needed, based on existing business requirements and also taking into account any future business changes which you may have.  Why renew all of your equipment if there are elements which are being decommissioned/replaced with new technology, therefore paying only for what you have deployed.

Recarta can work with all vendors to ensure you are getting the right service level agreement for the right equipment and have the support in place for when you need it most.

With the ongoing concerns which vendors have over their own IP, Recarta can work with you to ensure any hardware maintenance renewal is also backed up with a software support agreement, not only confirming your compliance with software regulations but also ensuring you have total coverage for your systems from a hardware and software perspective.  This reduces any possible threat of an outage/downtime due to systems not being correctly covered.

Learn how we have helped our clients by:

  • Simplifying the renewal process.
  • Reducing support and maintenance costs.
  • Consolidate renewal contracts and expiry dates.
  • Prompt notification of pending renewals.

We are passionate about providing Hardware Renewals and Software Licensing Management for our clients. We have developed automated systems to help the renewal process and use renewals as an opportunity to renegotiate with vendors to lower the pricing for software support, software maintenance and additional licenses.

Recarta currently manages in excess of 200 renewals for our clients. Part of our success has been the ability to reduce cost, create transparency with timings of contracts and remove the administration headache. We can help co-terminate all your renewals to a certain budget or year date and will ensure that there are no surprises by providing the relevant information with advance notification.

Our aim is to help you simplify your license renewal process, providing Recarta’s dedicated and experienced renewals team to help you eliminate time and cost to your business.

Give our contracts and licensing team a call and you will find out how you can make the most of our licensing services. Contact us on 0844 800 7821 or email