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Recarta is an RSA SecurWorld Affiliate Partner and has been advising and providing RSA Security Solutions and Authorisation products to our finance clients for many years. Affiliate partners offer customers with security experience the opportunity to benefit from enhanced logisitics and a quick ‘no fuss’  purchase. RSA, The Security Solutions Division of EMC is the premier provider of authentication and access control, data loss prevention, encryption and key management, compliance and security information management, and fraud prevention.

RSA’s industry leading solutions are designed to work together to create a systematic approach to managing security, risk and compliance – eliminating the hundreds of security and compliance silos that exist in most organisations today.

RSA SecurID, SID Tokens

Static/re-usable passwords cannot assure your network infrastructure high-level security. RSA SecurID two factor authentication provides a much more reliable level of user authentication than re-usable passwords. It is the only solution that changes your passwords every 60 seconds, automatically. There are two methods from which you can achieve this: RSA Hardware and Software Authenticators (Tokens).

RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens

RSA SecurID hardware tokens provide “hacker-resistant” two factor authentication, resulting in easy-to-use and effective user identification. To access resources protected by the RSA SecurID system, users simply combine their secret Personal PINs with the codes generated by their RSA Token. This is then used to authenticate the user, after being validated by the RSA SecurID system.

RSA SecurID hardware authenticators do not require a user to program the tokens or install/maintain any software. They are ready-to-use! Other name variations of RSA Tokens may include: RSA Key Fobs, USB Tokens, Cryptographic Tokens and RSA Dongle.

The RSA SecurID Hardware Tokens available are: SID 200, SID 520, SID 700, SID 800 and SID 900.

RSA SecurID Software Tokens

Why not integrate RSA SecurID technology into your everyday devices, eliminating the need of another bulky key-chain accessory?

This particular method of authentication supports the same algorithms as the SecurID hardware authenticators but allows users to utilise their personal devices in order to generate their one-time authentication code. Instead of being stored in a hardware authenticator, the symmetric key (or “seed record”) is safeguarded securely on the user’s desktop, laptop, PDA, handheld, or mobile phone (Please see RSA for Android). RSA SecurID symmetric keys may also be stored on smart card and USB devices and used in conjunction with the RSA SecurID software token on the user’s desktop.

The Software Token Seeds can be purchased for 6 months – 120 months, and each device can store upto ten software tokens.

Recarta are a registered RSA Partner can also provide information and pricing on the following RSA Security solution products:

RSA Authentication Manager

RSA Access Control

RSA Data Loss Prevention

RSA Encryption, Tokens, and Key Management

RSA Fraud Prevention

RSA Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance

RSA Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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