Recarta IT is an accredited IBM DB2 Partner and can help you benefit from DB2’s industry-leading performance across multiple workloads, while lowering administration, storage, development, and server costs. IBM DB2 is a part of IBM’s Information Management portfolio. Below are just some of the many ways how DB2 can lower your overall cost of managing data.


IBM DB2 includes numerous autonomic features, such as the Self-Tuning Memory Manager, that frees database administrators from many common administration tasks.

Deep Compression

DB2 can dramatically compress rows, indexes, temporary tables, LOBs, XML, and back-up data with compression rates that can reach over 80%. This compression allows DB2 to keep more and data in memory, database performance can increase considerably.


DB2 has dominated key performance benchmarks many times over the years, including both On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) benchmarks.


DB2 pureScale uses a cluster-based, shared-disk architecture to offer easy scalability and high availability. DB2 pureScale grows with near-linear efficiency. DB2 pureScale allows you to scale the database without tuning the system and requires minimal changes to application code.


DB2 offers a comprehensive suite of security features that effectively and decisively minimise unauthorised data access.


DB2 can minimise the downtime associated with many planned activities – such as altering a table – and many unplanned events – such a power outage – by either eliminating the downtime completely or reducing its duration to a few seconds.

IBM DB2 and Power7

DB2 automatically harnesses the massive hardware parallelism of POWER7-based systems, delivering lower costs with higher performance. POWER7 supports up to 32 threads per chip and IBM DB2 is specially designed to leverage and optimise multiple threads automatically, with no change to applications. Better overall performance means fewer servers and fewer licenses are needed, while deep compression means less storage is needed.

Other advantages:

  • DB2 automatically exploits POWER’s larger page sizes, and specially locates DB2 resources to align with the system architecture.
  • DB2 utilises Power Systems storage keys to protect data efficiently. DB2’s self-tuning memory manager monitors both DB2 and AIX memory consumption, so as to make smarter decisions. I/O priorities are aligned throughout the system.
  • DB2’s autonomics capability supports Dynamic Logical Partitioning and PowerVM, and is integrated with Tivoli System Automation.
  • DB2 exploits PowerHA pureScale and PowerHA SystemMirror in installations designed for scalability and high availability.
  • DB2 is enabled and optimised for PowerVM virtualisation, reducing costs and enabling consolidation.

In an environment with the focus on cost savings and investing in products with safe long term road maps, DB2 has been a winner.

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