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    More Information on AIX

    AIX is an enterprise-class UNIX operating system (OS) for the POWER processor architecture found in IBM Power Systems. Today’s global business must rely on an infrastructure that is secure, highly available and able to adapt quickly to changing business needs. AIX delivers these capabilities and more, with the performance, reliability and security that your mission-critical data demands.
    The AIX family of operating systems debuted in 1986, became the standard operating system for the RS/6000 series on its launch in 1990, and is still actively developed by IBM. It is currently supported on IBM Power Systems alongside IBM i and Linux.

    With the introduction of AIX 7.2, IBM continued its tradition of providing new functions that dramatically improve system availability, performance, and flexibility while maintaining application binary compatibility. AIX 7.2, coupled with POWER8 technology-based systems, delivers a computing platform designed for big data that is optimized, secure, and adapts to changing business demands. Together, they deliver superior cloud economics with secure and open choices and incorporate innovation from a growing ecosystem that broadens application choice and enhances optimization

    Key Benefits

    • Leadership security – AIX maintains a strong, long-standing security focus and reputation. Security features include Trusted AIX to easily harden the security settings of the system and Trusted Execution to control the integrity of the system.
    • Unmatched Up-time – AIX 7.2 boasts best-in-class reliability, and is well recognised as having the lowest unplanned downtime year after year. And IBM servers are consistently considered the “most reliable” by industry analysts,  This powerful UNIX OS continues to provide game-changing features such as AIX Live Update that allow you to apply new OS levels without a system restart.
    • Investment protection – With a 30-year history of innovation, AIX continues to deliver on its robust roadmap with every release. The long-standing AIX focus on binary compatibility allows applications to run unchanged and without recompilation on the newest releases—guaranteed.
    • Binary compatibility – IBM guarantees that your applications built on AIX 5L and AIX V6 will run on current versions AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.2 without recompilation. Also, 32-bit applications using portable programming techniques from AIX V4 and AIX V3.2 or later will be able to run unchanged.

    Upgrade your AIX software maintenance

    Enhancements and operating system upgrades for your AIX license. Take advantage of new technology to increase system utilisation and reduce costs. Find the latest release upgrades, options and publications available for AIX OS.

    For help and advice on your IBM AIX upgrade or how you can still manage a version that is ‘out of support’, please email us

    AIX Version 7.1

    Version 7.1, brings UNIX computing to the next level.
    New AIX 7 virtualisation features help dramatically increase server utilisation and consolidate workloads for more efficient management.
    Advanced security and availability features to help insure that systems are secure and highly available.
    AIX 7 represents the latest advance in a long record of IBM operating system innovation.
    Despite all of these enhancements, AIX 7 is fully binary compatible with AIX 6, AIX 5L and even earlier releases of the AIX operating system.

    Recarta IT, Your IBM AIX champion

    Recarta are an IBM Gold Partner with over 10 years experience of IBM AIX migrations as well as providing ‘out of support’ version support. Our experts are well versed in all versions of the IBM AIX OS. If you require help or support in an upgrade or migration please get in touch. Call us on 0844 800 7821 today to speak to a certified consultant.

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