Mimecast Advanced Security

Mimecast Advanced Security is a set of cloud services that help organizations defend against advanced email-borne threats. The Mimecast services defend against email-borne impersonation attempts, malicious URLs and unknown malware attachments, threats that are internal to the organization, as well as spam and viruses.

Key capabilities:

·         Mitigate the risk of spear-phishing and advanced threats in email

·         Removes the graymail burden for employees

·         Protects employees against social engineering and impersonation attacks

·         Detects and blocks attacks from both external and internal threat actors / compromised users

·         All Mimecast customers are instantly protected based on blocking a threat for just one customer

·         Multi-tenant cloud delivers always up-to-date defences

·         Remediates potential threats/undesirable emails post-delivery, automatically or manually

·         Get inspection results for how each message was processed through the Mimecast inspection funnel with Message Insights

·         Delivers deep insights on malware attacks targeting your organization and, through Threat Feed, Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence API, other Mimecast customers in your geographical region

·         Enables automated TLS email encryption


Mimecast for Financial Services

Email has become the dominant form of communications for financial services organizations to enable high-valued communications with customers and partners. Attackers are, of course, aware of this. Not surprisingly financial firms have become frequent targets of attacks that use email as a key tactic.

Mimecast provides cyber resilience solutions that provide:

·         Comprehensive security and improved resiliency for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google G Suite.

·         Rich APIs to integrate to existing monitoring and reporting systems.

·         A single console for email security, archiving and continuity to save administration time and streamline configuration, reporting, and troubleshooting.

·         A 100% cloud/SaaS solution, providing organizations with the ability to quickly scale as needed while also reducing operational and capital costs.


Mimecast for Healthcare (UK)

Healthcare organisations face unique challenges in coordinating care among many internal and external parties while maintaining strict compliance of patient identifiable information (PII).

Mimecast provides cyber resilience solutions:

·         Multiple layers of security and a proven solution to protect against ransomware, impersonation and other attacks that target the healthcare industry.

·         Comprehensive management for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and Google G Suite.

·         Data leak prevention to stop sensitive information from leaving the organization – including Secure Messaging.

·         Email continuity to keep employees sending and receiving email even if the primary mail server is down.


Mimecast for Local Government (UK)

Mimecast cyber resilience solutions protect local government organizations against external attacks and internal threats.

Mimecast’s cyber resilience solutions:

·         Prevent email-borne spear-phishing, ransomware, internal threats and other advanced attacks that target local government.

·         Encrypt mail messages and share attachments securely between government departments or externally.

·         Supports regulatory compliance regimes such as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

·         Eliminate the impact of email outages to maintain productivity.