IBM Software Maintenance – Compliance Warning

I wanted to bring to your attention the rules around updating your IBM systems to ensure you do not get caught out! Interestingly you can still access the IBM portal and download fixes, patches etc even if your IBM Software maintenance has lapsed. However – IBM will then contact you directly and seek compensation for accessing information you are not entitled to download.

The simplest solution would be to ensure that your IBM Software maintenance does not expire and Recarta’s IBM Renewal team are on hand for any pricing or questions.

Please see the IBM information below and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Recarta’s IBM Renewal team look after over 500 contracts – so have the experience you need when negotiating your Software support contracts.

The right to use IBM software is subject to licence terms. In some instances customers have allowed their Software Maintenance Agreements (“SWMA agreements”) with IBM to lapse whilst continuing to download and install upgraded software, fixes and patches.

SWMA non-compliance is a customer control and governance risk:

  1. Unauthorised software access and use creates legal and financial exposures on the customer side.
  2. Without a valid SWMA contract customers are unable to legally install latest versions of operating system software. Consequently they may not have the latest security and performance patches, so exposing their business to known security vulnerabilities and availability risks.

In instances where unauthorised software usage is discovered by IBM (e.g. customer downloaded and installed software without a valid SWMA contract) IBM will engage in settlement discussions based on the quantity of uncovered systems and the period of time they were non-compliant