End Of Service IBM VIOS V2

IBM VIOS V2 to go End of Service!

As our great British summer draws to a close next month, so too does IBM’s support on VIOS version 2.

IBM have announced that they will no longer be offering Service Pack support on VIOS V2 from 30th September 2020; so, if you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to upgrade to version 3!

If you are planning to continue running on version 2 beyond this date it is important to know that you will no longer have access to support and fixes from IBM and you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks and other unwelcome issues!

By choosing to upgrade to version 3 you will be ensuring you continue to receive full support from IBM, as well as speeding up daily processes and freeing up your time for other tasks.

There are a host of great reasons to upgrade to version 3, some of which include:

  • Version 2 was created for AIX 6.1. The new version is based on AIX 7.2
  • Performance improvements – version 2 can’t take advantage of Power 8 & Power 9 hardware benefits as it still runs in Power 7 mode
  • Bug fixes
  • Security patches to ensure your system is always safe from the latest security threats
  • New functionality – software that is more effective and easier to use
  • Old packages (such as Systems Director) are being removed to free up storage and speed up the install process

To help you start the process of being up to date and running at maximum efficiency, Recarta are currently offering a free health check of your Virtual I/O Server.

This health check will include:

  • Shared Ethernet Adapter Configuration
  • NPIV and VSCSI Adapter configuration and disk attributes
  • VIO Server documentation

To take advantage of this offer, or to discuss any questions you may have around the withdrawal of this support, please call one of the team on 0844 800 7821, or email us at sales@recarta.co.uk today!