IBM Software Licensing Price Increase July 2016

IBM have announced a price increase to IBM Passport Advantage, Passport Advantage Express and Selected Configured Software from 1st October 2016. For most products, the price will increase by 7% in the UK.

Passport Advantage Express Suggested Retail Prices (SRP), Passport Advantage Suggested Volume Prices (SVP) and selected Configured Software as applicable, for the following categories of products, are included in this announcement:

  • Passport Advantage Eligible Products from Analytics, Cloud Software, Commerce, IBM Systems, Internet of Things, Security Software, Social, Watson Health and Watson Solutions Brands.
  • Media and documentation packs associated with the Passport Advantage Eligible Products.
  • Other non-Passport Advantage selected Configured Software Products.

For affected eligible products and their associated media and documentation packs, price changes are applicable for all eligible product offerings including:

  • Software License and 12-months Software Subscription & Support (S&S)
  • Trade up License and 12-months Software S&S
  • Software S&S Renewal and Reinstatement
  • Monthly Licensing
  • Selected Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Selected Configured Software

Price changes are applicable for Software S&S Renewals pertaining to a coverage period beginning on or after December 1, 2016 regardless of when payment is received.

Price changes for new Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription and new Monthly Licensing commitment periods become effective October 1, 2016.



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