RSA End of Life Notification!

In December 2014 RSA have annouced the End of Life for Primary Support for both versions 6.1 & 7.1.

There is the option for Extended Support for a further 2 years for 7.1, the below outlines what this support level provides (please also note that there will be price increases for these support levels!)

  • First Year Extended Support – Extends product support for up to one year beyond the published EOPS date. Customers receive all benefits provided by their previous support agreement for all Severity 1 cases, including hot fixes to product defects if necessary. For cases of other severity levels, customers receive best-effort support but no hot fixes.
  • Second Year Extended Support – Extends product support for as much as a second year beyond the published EOPS date. During the second year, customers will receive technical support assistance on operation of RSA software as well as workarounds to product defects for Severity 1 cases. Hot fixes are not included.
  • Please remember that the Software to upgrade is free of charge to all customers with a valid support contract.

“End of life Notifications” can be found here:

If you need any further information or pricing for extended support please email me on or call me on 01306 646669

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