RSA Two-Factor Authentication offer

  • RSA

If you just rely on passwords to access important applications, how can you be certain who is accessing your network?

The risk of unauthorised access to organisation information and applications has increased massively as we continue to create and share information and extend access to it from various devices.

Let alone the ever present threat from cyber criminals.

RSA SecurID is strong two-factor authentication which allows you to:


  • Strengthen network security to meet evolving security threats
  • Comply with industry and government regulations
  • Ensure only the appropriate people access your organisation’s information


You can choose a hardware token solution (see picture above), a software token solution or on-demand authentication. (Ideal for temporary workers or contractors who need access to the network for a short period of time only).


So what is the offer?


Right now, RSA is offering up to 50% off RRP Authentication Manager 7.1 Base License and SID700 hardware token bundles. 10 user bundles to 250 user bundles.

The same applies for software token bundles and On-demand authenticators. So if you are considering enhanced network security, don’t delay and contact us for more information on your RSA options.