Protect your Office 365 from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are embarassing. It’s part of the reason few are known about. They come with huge reputational damage and for many a CTO, it leaves a scar that takes more than one career to heal . No surprise then that IT security is one of our industries fastest growing investments.

But you know all of this. You know that over 80% of all attacks are sent via email. You know this because you do your research and your happy that you have in place a solution that enables you to sleep soundly, knowing that should anything happen, you would have taken all the steps nessessary to ensure your organisations remains unaffected.

Or so you thought.

Recent research confirms that alongside the popularity of Office 365 is a wave of Office 365 attackers. Whilst Microsoft continues to plough huge amounts of money into developing its security of the platform, its seems the opportunist move quicker. According to Cyber security vendor Vectr, over 30% of all Microsoft Office 365 users have expereinced an attack, many of which lie undetected.

So what should you be doing?

You want to protect end users from themselves. That phishing link that looks honest enough. Conventional security measures can be restrictive and over censorious and other plaforms just don’t work the way O365 needs to. Vectra is different. Its assessment platform ‘Cognito Detect’ provides 24/7 monitoring and alerts administrators of any threats as they come it, making it easier to remove and maintain… and sleep at night.

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