Microsoft Price Update: Jan 23

In January 2023 Microsoft will implement a more defined and transparent cadence to provide better Commercial Cloud pricing alignment across regions with bi-annual reviews to align with the USD.

”Microsoft is deeply committed to the success of its customers and partners. In light of the changing economic environment and other world events, we have deferred pricing adjustments based on currency fluctuations thus far. However, after a sustained period of lower local currency Microsoft cloud pricing in many regions of the world, we’re now beginning a process to realign our prices globally.
Beginning in 2023, Microsoft will implement a defined and transparent cadence to align Microsoft cloud pricing across regions. Organizations of all sizes with pricing in local currencies will be able to plan for pricing alignment to US dollar (USD) and global parity at semi-annual intervals, subject to market conditions.

Azure offerings sold through the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) are priced in USD globally, therefore those list prices will not be affected by these semi-annual adjustments.”

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