What Are The Benefits of IBM SoftLayer?

What Are The Benefits of IBM SoftLayer?IBM softlayer is part of the IBM cloud services division, which combines the capaibility of Softlayer and smartcloud into a single managed service which competed directly with the main public cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platform. However IBM Softlayer gives administrators the ability to provision and move virtualised environments as the needs of an organisation change. This flexibility gives the platform the ability to also compete with private infrastructure environments on features such as security, scale and resilience.

IBM Softlayer Datacentres are located throughout Europe, America and Asia, giving users global resilience and local data management & compliance capability. Their extensive network incorporates public, private and internal managed networks that, in turn, are able to offer low latency connections at a significantly reduced cost compared to other methods of managing complex multi environment networks. This position in the marketplace is further supported due to greater automation and control offered to administrators, that in part, is provided by the accessibility of API, portal and mobile applications.

Why SoftLayer?

IBM SoftLayer provides a scalable cloud solution for public and private, bare metal & virtualization environments. It’s administrative tools offer greater flexibility, security and control compared to private cloud environments. Most organisations have had to plan their migration into the cloud. For many this has been a complicated journey that involves juggling the need to reduce infrastructure costs, reduce latency times with the desire to retain control of legacy and future network provisioning. IBM Softlayer offers these complex environments a realistic platform that has the ability to embrace the needs of a global infrastructure.