Recarta and ISVs – A Winning Combination!

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For the past five years and with the support of IBM – Recarta has been working with many Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have ERP systems or smaller applications that sit on the IBM i server. The development of Recarta’s IBM i Managed Services has had a remarkable effect on the number of “White Space” or new clients to the platform. Some of these clients are aware that their software runs on IBM i, others are not – as the platforms are either hosted or run by Recarta’s Managed Services Business – and not by the client themselves.

This sea change in attitude has given a new lease of life to the ISV community. No longer do they have to sell with the apprehension of the client getting to grips with the hardware or the software. Also many IBM i ISVs have developed plug-in or smaller applications over the years and these can now be hosted in a cloud – taking advantage of the financial benefits of the scalability of IBM Power Systems and run from the UK into global markets.

Recarta has been successful in winning new clients for ISVs – and the client can choose the best software business to run their business – leaving the provision, management and monitoring of their platforms to specialists.