IBM PowerNet and Working with ISV’s

Over the past few years one of the notable changes in our business has been due to our partnering with ISV’s. Thanks to IBM’s brilliant PowerNet Program – IBM, Recarta and the ISV can all work together on lead generation and gaining new customers.

The fatal mistake of many organisation and a lot of standard marketing campaigns – is that companies seem to be happy with paying money from the marketing budget without having any longer term plan on social media, lead follow-up, lead nurturing etc.

Working closer with ISV’s – sharing our skills and experience around the IBM Power i and IBM Power p platforms, has been clear strategic step forwards for Recarta. Historically, many ISV’s used to be IBM business partners in their own right. Equally, many have never had an interest in selling hardware. But in today’s market – where there are limited resources and skills at the end-user, alongside a general leap towards an integrated solution – ISV’s can no longer sell their software and expect the end-user to create the bespoke platform to run it. Also – this solves the potential headache of managing a hardware project and a software project to get your end solution in place.

What better than working with a joined up ISV and IBM Reseller – that work together from the beginning – lead generation through to solution implementation.

We now have a great track record of working with ISV’s such as Temenos, IBS Enterprise, Infor and IBS Bookmaster – enabling them grow their business with new customers whilst giving their existing customers better more joined up support.

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