What is an IBM TDA (Technical Delivery Assessment)?

A TDA is really a newish name for the old Solution Assurance (SA) process. TDAs are intended to help guarantee the following items are met before a machine is purchased, delivered, and installed:

  • That the solution meets customer requirements
  • That the proposed solution is technologically viable
  • That there aren’t issues around delivery and installation
  • That all the risks around using the solution have been identified and properly assessed

TDAs can be performed pre-sale, pre-installation, or post-installation. They can be performed by the person who designed your solution, a technical peer reviewer of the designer, or by a technical subject matter expert (SME). The type of TDA you need will depend on the type of hardware you’re installing and how complicated the installation is.

The TDA may help you catch mistakes that occurred putting together an order, such as missing power cords or redundant power supplies, the wrong controller cards, the wrong amount of memory or processors, whether the solution will work in your data center, etc. A TDA is a good process to make sure you don’t miss anything or order the wrong parts.

For some high-end servers, IBM will not ship the box until the TDA has been approved. In some of the lower-end boxes, the TDA may not be required but you should ask for it anyway to ensure you’re getting the right solution.

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