Recarta provide cloud based IBM Technical Support Appliance (TSA)

The IBM Technical Support Appliance can facilitate improved IT uptime, simplified IT management and reduced costs.   The IBM TSA solution helps automate inventory and availability management via security-rich technologies that can intelligently discover pertinent device-specific data from both your IBM and multivendor systems.  Using advanced analytics, we then combine this data with IBM worldwide development and support information to offer robust recommendations for optimizing your IT availability.
Outdated and incompatible microcode levels can result in high severity outages.  The IBM TSA can help improve IT availability by gathering vital data – such as microcode levels and current software versions.  The data is then transmitted to IBM using hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) and is used to create feature rich reports that can serve as roadmaps for optimizing your IT availability.  These reports are designed to identify potential failure conditions across your IT environment – such as outdated server and storage microcode levels – and offer potential preventative solutions.

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Benefits to your business
Understand what is on your network
At regular intervals, discover what devices are accessing your network – including data-centre equipment, virtual machines, networking components and IoT devices.
Improve technology support management
IBM TSA’s analytics-based reports and collaborative services feed into portals to create actionable recommendations.
Identify code currency
Receive operating system and firmware recommendations so that your equipment can be up to date and secure.
Five good reasons to use IBM Technical Support Applianc
  • Streamline IT inventory and support-coverage information
  • Ease support management while reducing time and complexity
  • Optimize IT availability by recommending code updates
  • Expert service delivery
  • Innovative technologies for faster, better response
Recarta are offering this service to our clients as a remote service (the option for on-premise is available should you prefer).  The Recarta offering is automated and managed by Recarta consultants to reduce the impact on your IT staff’s time and resource, providing an ongoing reporting mechanism safeguarding your assets and protected from out of date code
Speak to Philip Trumble at Recarta for more information.


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