Optimise Your Business, Modernise Your Platform with IBM FlashSystem 5000

The IBM FlashSystem 5000 is a cost-effective storage solution for small to medium-sized organisations, offering enterprise-level functionalities and the ability to expand software-defined storage capabilities to optimize current IT investments and create a modern, cloud-ready platform.

  • Offers easy-to-own, easy-to-use, easy-to-grow flexibility
  • Provides affordable, enterprise-grade functionality and performance
  • Enables data mobility to support hybrid cloud deployments
  • Built with the rich enterprise data services of IBM Spectrum Virtualize
  • Leverages AI to optimize data placement and streamline management
  • Ensures business continuity with multi-layered data resilience features
The Importance of Veeam in Upgrading to IBM FlashSystem Arrays for Data Protection-1

IBM FlashSystem with VeeAM

Veeam and IBM Storage deliver faster backup and recovery times by backing up directly from IBM Storage Snapshots. Reduce production impact and lower storage costs with Veeam storage integrations for IBM FlashSystems.

IBM FlashSystem Storage_ Technology Benefits and Integration with Public Cloud-1

IBM Flashsytem For Public Cloud

IBM FlashSystem delivers high-performance storage for public cloud workloads with low latency, high IOPS, and data optimization features. Use Direct Connect or VPC to establish a secure network connection for efficient data transfer between on-premises and the cloud while meeting security and compliance requirements.

The Benefits of IBM FlashSystem 5000_ Improving your VMware Infrastructure-1

IBM FlashSystem with VMWare

IBM FlashSystem for VMware enhances performance, availability, and scalability of virtualized environments on VMware with high-speed, reliable storage infrastructure. Improve virtual machine and application performance while reducing storage costs.

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