OPtimise With Recarta

Optimise with Recarta

  • IBM

As we start to see some degree of normality in the workplace we wanted to share some ideas on what practical steps you can take to help with optimizing your IT estate.
Here’s 5 easy steps you can take to reduce your overall infrastructure costs over the next few weeks.

Clean up your Licensing

Our Compliance as a Service saves over 30% on average, on licensing costs. For many clients gaining an accurate view of their current licensing position is enough to see what IT licenses are required and what are not.

Reduce your cloud costs

Many of our clients have seen their cloud requirements expand alongside their data storage. Our Cloud assessment can help to identify where costs saving could be made and efficiencies implemented.

Legacy server hardware support

It’s inevitable that most IT managers inherit legacy hardware on their first day. Most do not come with accurate documentation and for many the cost of maintenance just about outweighs the cost of migration. We understand the commercial need to ‘sweat’ assets, it’s why our dedicated IBM, HPE and Lenovo support teams can often offer comparable vendor support but at a greatly reduced price.

A good time to renew

Vendors have been having a hard time of late; a net result has created more competitive pricing from all. If you’ve been putting off an infrastructure refresh, now is a great time to consider and upgrade or migration. Hardware is the cheapest we’ve seen it in a long time.

You’re paying too much for storage

Just like server hardware, storage servers are at a bargain low. Combine this with the ability to leverage software defined toolsets and you probably are paying too much for the storage you currently have. We can help you identify where costs can be saved for your next renewal.

If you would like to discuss how Recarta can help optimize your current hardware and IT licensing assets, contact us today.