We lack the infrastructure for artificial intelligence

A recent report from McKinsey highlights some grave concerns that many senior executives have over their organizations capability to extend it’s digital transformation to take advantage of Artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. The research concludes that, whilst many execs saw the significant competitive and long term advantages that AI could bring, few had enough confidence in their current technology and digital investment to pursue any AI initiative.

McKinsey Analysts observe that future AI successors will have already invested in core IT infrastructure, ” digital substructure may be slowing the diffusion of AI. Many companies are still behind with cloud and advance analytics“. Resulting the McKinsey team estimating that AI may be out of reach for one fifth of the companies they looked at.

Clearly this lack of core technology capability will limit the adoption of AI for most firms. However, those who have invested (and continue to invest) in their core infrastructure stand to inherit significant competitive advantage over those who continue to ignore the significant advantages that AI can bring in terms of machine learning and automation. As the report states, those who have already seen margin efficiency from early stage AI projects are primed to take advantage of the next generation of AI initiatives that are starting to emerge.

An earlier report from the consulting firm highlights that only 10% of those surveyed are planning to investigate AI as a way of generating greater efficiency within their organization.

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