IBM WCS – Websphere Commerce V8

Have you all thought about upgrading from WCS v7.0 to WCS v8.0? If not, then its probably about time you do. The migration is more straight forward than previous release; however, this depends on your customisation and architecture.

“Why should I upgrade?”, you might ask? Well, IBM WebSphere Commerce v8.0 delivers a new approach to e-commerce with an improved business user experience to help merchandisers and marketers deepen customer engagement and greatly enhance business results. WCS v8.0 also includes a new customer service capability that enables organisations to provide a seamless experience across digital and call center channels.

Here at Recarta, we have completed many of these upgrades and can assist you and your business with yours. There are many more features and capabilities on WCS v8.0, if you would like to hear more or discuss further then don’t hesitate to contact me on 01306 646 667 or email

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